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Dehumidifiers for Home''''s:-
Excess humidity levels in a house cause condensation which leads to damp walls, black spots, peeling of walls and ceilings, mold and mildew growth, dust mites which trigger allergic reaction, musty odour, damage to musical instruments ,warped wooden floorings and so on. It’s always advisable to buy portable and compact units which are easier to move around in residential spaces. When you buy a dehumidifier for your house, our experts help you identify the ideal humidity level and the right size dehumidifier.

Dehumidifiers for Industrial:-
Uses of industrial dehumidifiers have remarkably increased to meet procedural requirements for various industrial applications.Excess humidity in the ambient can be a cause of concern to many equipment and raw material leading to increase in production costs, service and maintenance expenditure, asset durability and energy cost. Use of industrial dehumidifiers control excess humidity enabling product drying, preservation, corrosion prevention. Dehumidifiers also help in enhancing the shelf life and the characteristics of the raw material leading to better performance.

Hotels & Resorts :-
Humidity impacts guest experience in hotels in the form of musty smelling rooms and air feeling heavy to breathe easily. Humidity also discolors walls, dulls furniture, breaks down electronics adding to maintenance woes.Dehumidifiers regulates humidity to keep fungal growth out ensuring no musty odour, easy breathing for guests and newly looking rooms and assets.

Food:-Food production, processing, packaging and storage facilities require good hygiene — controlled and consistent.Excess humidity causes bacterial growth, condensation on cold products, damaging packaging and spoiling the product resulting in poor consumer experience.Refrigerant dehumidifiers are the most efficacious way to maintain desired humidity level to optimize the quality of food products.


Every stage in the pharma industry right from production areas, powder rooms , packaging areas to storage rooms require moisture and humidity control to meet the high quality and production standards that have been set. High humidity leads to agglomeration and triggers growth of bacteria, mold and yeast. Leading pharma companies have adopted GMP practises of maintaining optimum humidity.


Humidity plays a crucial role in the printing process, whether its textile printing, currency or any other secure press printing. There are standard temperature and humidity requirements that are to be met during printing and drying process to ensure product quality and safety of the expensive printing heads.

Humidity is one of the factors that contribute to safe and sterile environment in healthcare facilities.Excess humidity is known to make the environment uncomfortable for patients and cause structural damage to expensive health care equipments and lenses. Dehumidifiers have proven to be ideal solutions to meet the stringent humidity requirements in hospital areas as per international standards.

Humidity causes various a range of problems in storage areas such as damage to a vast range of structures, equipment, accessories, stocks and yes to the material stored in such warehouses.Origin provides an exclusive range of dehumidifiers for large warehouses and stock rooms. Our dehumidifiers assure utmost reliability and cost saving using Blue dry technology and energy efficient compressors.

Museum & Art Galleries:-
Excess humidity in art galleries & museums leads to condensation which causes corrosion, black spots or a yellowish tinge, discoloration and dullness which degrades the art value.Dehumidifiers protect and preserve your valued collection.
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